Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Let's see, new stuff... hmmm, well I got second at the judo tournament this past weekend.  It was only out of 4 people though so I can't be too happy.  The tournament was double elimination and I barely won my first match, it was against the brown belt who won our division.  The next match wasn't as bad, and I would love to give you some details about it, but I can't really remember much of the first two matches, just a blur of pushing and throwing.  My first match, also known as 215 and up finals take one, I managed to lose quickly and painlessly.  I came in with a shoulder throw, didn't get it and got dropped to my back as I came out of it to end the match.  The next match, 215 and up finals take 2, took longer and I ended up rolling during a few throws to prevent my opponent getting the win.  He ended up getting enough points anyone and winning with a throw that more or less dropped me on my head.
Getting to the tournament was a bit more trouble than I thought.  I had to take my Praxis 2 chemistry content test that morning, little did I know that it would take 45 minutes from the time we were all supposed to be there to actually start my test.  The test itself went well and there were few questions on which I had any problems.  But I still ended up at the tournament about a half-hour later than I had expected.
Just yesterday I got to take more tests with 3 of my finals all happening on Tuesday.  I think I did well in spec but the pchem and pchem lab finals killed me, I am about 90% sure that I failed at least one of those classes, and I kinda need to pass them now if I'm going to graduate on time.  Of course at this point "on time" is a bit of a joke anyway.


  1. Contgrats on your tournament, it doesn't matter how many contestans were there, it's still some kind of challenge.
    Good luck with your finals, I'm taking mine in a months time!

  2. Second is still good, out of any number of participants :) We have kind of different school system in our country, so I can't really relate to you with all this "finals" stuff, but I hope you will graduate :)